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Basic Maintenance

GWC offers full service landscaping needs for your property. We will maintain your site in an efficient and professional manner.

Irrigation Maintenance

Since GWC works with both landscape and irrigation, we understand the needs of your plants and have knowledge of materials needed to provide proper watering for your landscape. Everyone knows that plants need water to live, but over watering can be just as harmful. We can reconfigure your existing system for optimum watering. Or perhaps it just needs a tune up, maybe you would like to add a rain and free sensor or convert to a digital system. GWC services and installs thousands of systems. We have the knowledge and resources to enhance and protect your piece of paradise.


Mulching is one of the simplest and most beneficial practices you can use in landscaping. Mulch conserves moisture, reducing the need for frequent waterings, while helping to maintain a more even soil temperature. Mulch also helps maintain your beds by reducing the growth of unwanted weeds.

Seasonal Color

Seasonal Color can make a property come alive and allows for a positive first impression. No matter what season, GWC offers creative combinations of materials that will improve your property’s landscape.

Arbor Care

GWC provides professional tree services by highly trained crews. We can help create an outdoor environment that is beautiful, healthy, and safe. Also, we offer proactive tree services through preventative maintenance that will help protect your property value.


Fertilization is a very important component of plan health care in the landscape. It is necessary to supplement naturally occurring mineral elements in the soil to maintain an optimum supply for plant growth. GWC will perform soil analyses to develop the most effective nutrition program for the landscape.

Weed Control

GWC will assess your property in order to create a weed prevention and control program. The ultimate goal is a healthy and aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Insect & Disease Control

At GWC, we continue to check your property for insects and disease. If needed, we will apply our insect and disease control regiment to the affected areas.


Lawn aeration reduces soil compaction, allowing water and fertilizer to permeate into the root zone. Grassy areas submitted to constant foot traffic require lawn aeration more frequently.

Parking Lot Sweeping & Striping

Parking lot sweeping not only enhances the overall look of property, but it also extends the life of pavement. Routine sweeping can save money, long term, by avoiding replacement costs for pavement. Parking lot striping is equally as important in maintaining the overall aesthetics of your site. It also provides a safer parking environment for drivers and pedestrians on your property.

Pressure Washing

On the road, a truck or bus not only represents the driver but is also a moving advertisement for the company. A clean vehicle sends out a message of quality and reliability. Dirt, debris, and mud and salt in the winter not only look unattractive but also form pockets of corrosion that can damage the integrity of the unit. Pressure washing trailers, buses, or trucks regularly will increase the image of the company and extend the life of the vehicle.


At GWC, we have landscape architects available to design and/or re-configure existing areas of your property. GWC’s highly knowledgeable and skilled staff can provide creative and cost effective ideas for your landscaping.

Drinking Water

Great Western Corporation is now delivering packaged ice and water coolers to commercial construction and industrial customers throughout Texas and Louisiana.

GWC can solve any of your water needs. Our coolers are OSHA and FDA approved and come in a variety of sizes. GWC delivers only the highest quality water and ice service to fit all your companies needs.

Our water is filtered to insure quality no matter where you are located. Each cooler is physically inspected prior to filling. Each cooler is cleaned and sanitized inside and out. Once our coolers are filled they are sealed and dated to insure freshness. The spigot is sealed for peace of mind until you are ready to use. Also take note that we provide a great natural health supplement. It is a very effective way of ensuring your body is getting all the nutrients that it requires. You can check here you would like to know more.

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